Gaming monitor DSP25 Ultra 25" 360 Hz


  • 1920 x 1080px Full HD
  • IPS panel
  • 360 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD Freesync and Nvidia G-Sync technology
  • Response time: 0.6ms

Ozone DSP25 Ultra is the ultimate gaming monitor, the fastest for gaming. Developed for high competition, this monitor will help you develop your full potential. Without traces of bleeding, glowing or clouding, it has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS panel with a refresh rate of 360 Hz and a response time of 0.6 milliseconds.


Ozone's DSP25 Ultra monitor is made for gaming. Designed virtually borderless, perfect for multi- monitor setups , it will allow you to enjoy a superior experience. Its 24.5-inch IPS panel offers viewing at angles of up to 178º.

At the top, it has an 8-bit RGB LED strip with 16.7 million colors, in addition to the Ozone brand logo that is projected on the surface , helping to create the perfect gaming environment in the room.

The DSP25 Ultra professional monitor has a stable height, tilt, swivel and swivel adjustable stand, meaning you can play or work vertically too.

Standing on a small base, it will allow you to bring both the keyboard and the mouse closer to the monitor, being able to play or work more comfortably, saving space, creating your ideal gaming or work environment.

For one excellent usability , this Ozone monitor is compatible with the VESA 100 mounting systems .


You will respond quickly, getting ahead of your rivals. The Ozone DSP25 Ultra's 360Hz is the difference between podium and defeat. You will eliminate the interruptions, the annoying cuts in the game, that separate you from victory thanks to a maximum refresh rate, because at a competitive level, each frame counts, especially if you play an FPS shooter .


Designed to achieve the minimum response time. You will say goodbye to the appearance of possible blurs on the monitor, enjoying all the action with clarity. The details will appear clearer than ever: you will have the competitive advantage in the game thanks to its 0.6 millisecond response time . You will live a fluid experience without any latency. The DSP25 Ultra has been developed for a high level gaming experience .


It has different game modes , so you can adapt your style to the different maps: it will improve your aim, you will be more precise than ever, easily aiming at all your targets. Compatible with AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies you will live the true revolution, thanks to a perfect synchronization with the graphics.

On the other hand, this complete monitor includes Cinema mode , web mode Y Text Mode , in such a way that you will get a optimized image always whatever you do, favoring a comfortable environment for the eyes.


The Ozone DSP25 Ultra monitor includes a complete cable kit consisting of a Display Port 1.4 and an HDMI 2.0 .

Your main controls, such as the port USB and the Audio Out , are in your back , which you can easily access, without interrupting the game.


It is perfect for shooter type games , such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Rainbow Six: Siege , also living each game of Fortnite or Valorant like never before. Ozone DSP25 Ultra is one hundred percent immersion. A fidelity of details that also makes it a perfect monitor for graphic and audiovisual design professionals.

Its 1000:1 contrast provides color coverage of the Adobe RGB space at 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. With HDR , it also offers impressive brightness levels, which reinforce the quality of the image. You will have the feeling of being there, in the center of the battle, thanks to the ultra-realistic rendering it provides.


This unique monitor offers impressive image quality. With excellent fluency, contemplate the technology Flicker Free , an anti-flicker technology that contributes to reduce visual fatigue , being able to enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying about anything, avoiding eye fatigue.

On the other hand, the DSP25 Ultra monitor also includes the technology Low Blue Light Mode , which will protect you from the dreaded blue light.


    • Perfect for gaming
    • Refresh rate 360 ​​Hz (by Display Port)
    • Response time 0.6ms
    • Full HD resolution
    • AMD Freesync & Nvidia G-Sync technology
    • Audio output for headphones
    • IPS panel
    • Low Blue Light and Flicker Free technologies

    • Maximum resolution 1920 x 1080px
    • Brightness 400cd/m²
    • Contrast 1000:1
    • Viewing angle (horizontal) 178º
    • Viewing angle (vertical) 178º

    • Ports Power input (x1) USB (x1) HDMI (x1) Display port (x2) Audio output (x1)
    • Included cables Power cable (x1) Display Port cable (x1) HDMI cable (x1)

    • Foot dimensions + screen 646.34 x 383.2 mm
    • Screen dimensions 557.74 x 327.2 mm
    • VESA- 100

    • AC power input 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • Power consumption <30W
    • Adapter 12V, 3A
    • Energy label class F

    • Dimensions 620 x 195 x 395mm
    • Gross weight 6.4 Kg
    • Net weight 5.0 Kg

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