Comfort and quality come hand in hand with the Ekho H30, the clarity and power of its premium stereo sound are the signature of these headphones, cutting-edge technology with an ergonomic design and a weight of just 270g. You will be the envy of Daredevil! 


The Ekho H30 follows the trail of the Ekho range through a design made from ultralight materials and a positionable multi-directional microphone with noise cancellation.

You can also control the game in real time with its In-line controller. Adaptability comes in the form of its Headband and ergonomic earpads.


Why not enjoy the quality of the headphones you play with when you're not playing? Thanks to its compatibility system the Ekho H30 will be by your side through all your adventures, whether playing or listening to music on your PC, tablet or with your smartphone.