The DSP27 Pro is a monitor with LED backlighting, designed completely in black and with a narrow frame, making it ideal to use with other monitors and take full advantage of the space available.

DSP27 Pro has a solid rectangular base attached to the screen by a rigid support that will allow you to adjust the height, as well as rotate, rotate and tilt it. This allows us to ergonomically adapt it to improve our comfort and performance or change posture during long gaming sessions.


At the back there is a joystick with which we can adjust different aspects of the monitor settings such as brightness or contrast. We can also select the color settings by choosing between the different modes featured, such as game mode or FPS, as well as choosing between the four different presets incorporated into the monitor.

In addition, the VESA systems make it possible to anchor it to the wall and thus take advantage of your desk space for the essentials.


In terms of connectivity, the Ozone DSP27 Pro gaming monitor has a HDMI and a DisplayPort 1.2. input and includes the cables for both, as well as an audio input so you can connect your sound devices.


The DSP27 Pro gaming monitor has a 2K (QHD) resolution: 2560x1440 pixels, and is compatible with HDR technology, which provides a higher level of contrast between light and dark images.


With the DSP27 monitor from Ozone a crisp and fluid image is guaranteed in every moment, even during those times in your game when there is a lot of movement. This is possible because of the incredibly fast response time of just 1ms, which ensures maximum performance throughout the whole game.


Thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate of the DSP27 Pro monitor from Ozone, you'll enjoy a fluid image in every single game. This frame rate will allow you to anticipate any type of movement and react in real time, especially in FPS, avoiding the dreaded screen tearing or blurriness.


Thanks to the FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technology incorporated into the DSP27 monitor from Ozone, you'll enjoy complete synchronization between the images generated by the graphics and those displayed by the monitor. Forget about image breakdown and enjoy greater fluidity with the maximum refresh rate.


The Ozone DSP27 Pro gaming monitor has four virtual sights, to choose from as it suits the game you are playing.