Alpha Strike is a mechanical keyboard in TKL format with the new Red switches from Outemu.

It features an optimized, super compact and lightweight design that guarantees you freedom of movement and confidence with every keystroke you need to win the game.

With RGB LED technology you can choose between 16.8 million colors and numerous effects to achieve the gaming aesthetic you've always wanted.


Small and powerful, Alpha Strike will help you enjoy a better gaming experience thanks to its RGB LED technology.

Its spectacular dynamic lighting will help you to victory, allowing you to recognize commands with a single glance, as well as illuminating your gaming sessions both day and night. Your combat weapons will be under control at all times.


High quality keys, silent, precise and with an enviable soft touch.

The red switch provides an extremely fast and smooth keystroke without any resistance, and with an excellent response time.

The Outemu switches offer maximum durability through up to 50 million keystrokes, while also protecting the keys from dust.


Compatible with Windows, IOS, Android and Linux, this keyboard is designed for maximum enjoyment of every game. It offers you the possibility to select game mode, which disables the Windows key thanks to its G-Mode function.

Alpha Strike also features full anti-ghosting technology, making it the perfect keyboard for long games.

The different functions of its 12 dedicated multimedia keys include ones that allow you to control audio and video, whilst others designed to save time also stand out.


A robust mechanical keyboard, while at the same time ultra compact thanks to its TKL design, offering you maximum power and complete comfort, as it accompanies you to any gaming location, freeing up space in your gaming area due to its portability.

The reduced size of the Ozone Alpha Strike will allow you to play comfortably, moving the mouse with maximum freedom, and enjoying an optimized space.


Alpha Strike is all about performance and style. This all-in-one keyboard includes a powerful software for profiling and macro creation which allows to modify its 16.8 million colors RGB lighting’s speed, direction and brightness.

Alpha Strike is the keyboard that makes the difference between victory and defeat, thanks to the option to assign functionalities to its different switches that will guarantee maximum control over your movements. If you get tired of the assigned settings anytime, simply reset the keyboard from settings to start from scratch.